Fully Funded PhD Positions Focused on the Intersection of Decision and Data Science with Healthcare Policy and Management at the University of Florida

Fully Funded PhD Positions Focused on the Intersection of Decision and Data Science with Healthcare Policy and Management at the University of Florida

Fully Funded PhD Positions Focused on the Intersection of Decision and Data Science with Healthcare Policy and Management at the University of Florida. 

The Department of Pharmaceuticals Outcomes & Policy (POP) in the College of Pharmacy (COP) at The University of Florida (UF), Gainesville has two fully-funded open positions for highly motivated PhD students Research in these positions is focused on the intersection of decision and data science with healthcare policy and management.

Prospective students are expected to join in Fall 2022 or Spring 2023. Assistantship will include a competitive stipend alongside a coverage of tuition, and other fees. These openings are part of the UF’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative (https://ai.ufl.edu) aimed at advancing the University to a national and world-wide leader in the application of AI. This initiative is supported by a $70 million initial investment by NVIDIA to build the most powerful Al supercomputer in higher education in the world.

Selected students will work with Dr. Md Mahmudul Hasan and engage in research projects focused on leveraging Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) to contribute to healthcare decision-making, health policy, and healthcare management. Specifically, research will focus on designing novel and efficient: data driven methodologies and predictive analytic models to answer important questions about clinical and pharmaceuticals outcomes. Research will also focus on developing empirically informed prescriptive decision analytic models integrating machine learning and optimization methods) for assisting in medical decision making and designing personalized interventions instrumental to solve public health problems.

Candidates will receive hands-on training in working in a high-performance computing environment in order to capitalize the power of large-scale healthcare administrative data and Electronic Health Records (EHR). Selected candidates will have opportunities to extend Dr. Hasan’s current research on improving morbidity and mortality from opioid overdose and ensuring effective management of opioid addiction treatment. Potential disease areas to explore incluce but are not limited to poly-substance use, mental health disorder, diabetes, hypertension


Required Qualifications

  • A Bachelor or MS degree in Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, Pharmaceutica: Health Outcomes and Policy, Public Health, Health Informatics, or other closely related fields.
  • Strong interest to conduct research at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning with healthcare decision making, health policy, and healthcare management.
  • Strong background in data science (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning).
  • Need to have strong competence in Python programming language and using Python libraries relevant to data science applications.
  • Publication(s) in peer reviewed journal are preferred.
  • Fulfill the PhD admission requirements set by the UF POP and COP https://pop.pharmacy.ufl.edu/education/prospective-students/admission-requirements/

N.B. The deadlines are preferred. However, the applications are accepted almost around the year. Therefore, candidates with strong interest are encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are encouraged to email the following documents to Dr. Md Mahmudul Hasan at [email protected]

  • A detailed CV
  • A statement of maximum two pages outlining the candidate’s research interest, prior research experience, and future research plans.
  • Sample publications (if any)

About UF & POP

OF is one of the nation’s top 10 universities with the Carnegie R1 classification. Being a Tier 1 research university, Ul research plays a significant role in producing innovative breakthroughs that leads to the technologies with positive benefits. In healthcare, UF focuses to transform research into practice and prevention that has substantial impact in shaping healthcare policies and healthcare management at a state and federal level.

The COP is ranked number 5 among the pharmacy college in the US. Within COP, the department of POP has one of the largest PhD program in the pharmaceutical outcomes and policy. The department’s focus in research and graduate training is centered on the evaluation of drugs and related medical technologies.

This focus includes classic pharmacoepidemiologic and pharmacoeconomic work, as well as pharmaceutical health services research with a focus on quality, safety, and policy involving medication use. In consortium with the UF’s AI initiative, the department of POP is embedding AI/MI, in its research and graduate training curriculum with several well-known faculty members.

The department has established the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CoDES), which unites a multi-disciplinary group of researchers in epidermiology, health economics, Eeath service research, and decision sciences who share similar interest in using big data, and/or Al/ML to evaluate and predict pharmaceutical health outcomes to help guide policy, clinical and personal decision-making. CoDES has a big data infrastructure with access to health records of more than 300 million lives, and also provides computing support to analyze this vast amount of data. The faculty has strong ties with sate and federal agencies (FDA, CDC, and NIH) . Recent graduate students has left for exciting careers in academia, industry, the CDC, and the FDA.


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