Fully funded PhD Opportunities in Geoscience at James Cook University, Australia

Fully funded PhD Opportunities in Geoscience at James Cook University, Australia


Application Deadline:  31st July 2022


James Cook University (JCU) is the leading Australian University in tropical North Queensland, with strong geology, geochemistry, and environmental programs supported by world-class analytical facilities. JCU is looking for strong students to undertake their PhD within the College of Science and Engineering.

Available Projects

  • The role of ductile shear zones in the formation of skarn deposits
  • Feedbacks between high pressure metasomatism and structures in subduction channels.
  • Developing the use of metal isotopes as disease diagnostics: Methods & applications
  • Combining conventional and non-conventional stable and radiogenic isotope systems in fossil vertebrates to reconstruct environmental and dietary frameworks
  • Refining tephrostratigraphic approaches in deep time through glass melt inclusion and isotopic fingerprinting of heavy mineral separates in heavy minerals
  • Vertebrate palaeontology and sedimentary geology of the Early-Late Triassic succession in central Queensland.
  • Helium prospectivity of the East African Rift System, with a focus on reservoir and seal potential, and fluid migration
  • Magmatic-hydrothermal processes and critical mineral (Sn-W-In-Sb) genesis in the Herberton Mineral Field
  • Assessing alkaline magmatism in Mount Isa Inlier – the link to REE mineralization, the potential to host REE mineralization, and tectonic significance
  • Integrating radiogenic and stable isotope tracers to constrain the evolution of the mantle in the southwest Pacific

Check here for more details on the projects


Value of the Fully funded PhD Opportunities

Applications for fully-funded PhD opportunities (tuition + stipend) for the start of 2023 are being offered through a competitive scholarship scheme open to both international and domestic students. For more information, follow this link.

The scholarship application deadline for this program is due by 31st July 2022, but we encourage you to contact us well in advance.

In addition, we have a small number of PhD scholarships that we are looking to fund immediately through the W.R. Lacey Scholarship Fund with the possibility of a mid-2022 start is possible.
More details on Faculty and Staff in Earth Sciences


How to apply for the Fully funded PhD Opportunities in Geoscience at James Cook University, Australia

Interested applicants should contact EGRU ([email protected]) with:

  • CV and
  • a Cover Letter indicating your project(s) of interest and background.

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