35 PhD Positions at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark

4 Funded PhD Positions in Fellowships in the Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence’s collaboratories, University of Copenhagen

35 PhD Positions at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark are available for application from interested and qualified candidates.

As a PhD student at the University of Copenhagen you have the opportunity to advance your international career as part of a world class research team. Every year, UCPH enrols more than 700 new PhD students.

The University of Copenhagen offers cutting edge research in an international atmosphere. In 2013 Monocle Magazine heralded Copenhagen as “the most liveable city in the world.”

PhD programmes are organised and administered by individual faculties and more detailed information about the requirements and options are available in the faculties listed below:

PhD programmes at UCPH

In the research programme system, there are various ways of organizing a PhD programme. Also read about the various PhD schemes:

The standard model

The standard model is also called the 5+3 scheme. This requires students to have completed a Masters programme, i.e. as a rule a five year Bachelor and Masters process followed by a three year PhD programme. Universities can grant admission to graduate programmes on the basis of an assessment of the level of completed Masters programmes or the like.

Flexible models (3+5 and 4+4 schemes)

In 1992, universities were permitted to admit students contemporaneously on Masters and PhD programmes. Students thus now have the option of starting a PhD process before they have completed their Masters. This flexibility is intended to ensure that universities have the best opportunities for organizing and targeting masters programmes so they interact with the PhD process as well as possible.

The flexible models enable students to opt for a career as a researcher early on. The flexible models thus support graduate talent care and early recruitment


Please follow the link to access the 35 PhD positions at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark


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